Best Review Ever!

In my opinion, the three greatest influencers on modern-day advertising are David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach and Keith Reinhard. After receiving the following review (in part) of Huckster, I will forever list Keith in first place. Doesn’t get any better than this:

Dear Ron,

I finished reading your wonderful book over the weekend. I loved it! All of it! It’s a more engaging and entertaining representation of the ups and downs of our beloved business than the Mad Men writers could ever imagine. Your italicized lessons that occur throughout the book will be helpful to anyone trying to make it, not only in advertising but in business and life in general. Your gift as a storyteller makes the book a real page turner as the characters come vividly to life.

Congratulations my friend on a most entertaining ride through your own amazing career and an important part of DDB’s growing up days. And thanks again for all your personal contributions to our company and for your friendship.

Warmest personal regards to you and Bonnie. I love how she’s kept you in line all these years and hope she continues to do so for many years to come!

Keith Reinhard