More praise

I am about ¾ of the way through your book and I have been laughing so hard at times I have to stop reading because my eyes are watering so bad I can’t see the pages.

Love, love, love it and the part about Kirk is priceless.


Can we hope for a 2nd edition??


Dee K.




I just finished reading and enjoying your book, Huckster.


It sucked me in from the first and its rewards on each page held me thru the end. I loved the format, writing, editing and everything about it! A great ride with some sharp cookies –


Peter B.



I took your book with me on a trip this week, started reading it on the plane and couldn’t put it down. Made me want to skip my board meetings and just keep reading.


Holy mackerel, I loved it. So many great stories. I met a lot of the characters over the years, they just had different names. So much fun to read and a lot of wisdom conveyed. Made me wish we had more years working together.


Ron, congratulations. Really well done my friend. Maybe we can catch up one of these days.  Hope you sell a million copies.




Michael A. Beindorff



I received the book a couple of days ago.   The book is amazing and it will sell a bundle.  Congratulations.  You do have the golden touch!


John S.


Huckster is a very fun and entertaining read with great business content!


Earl B.


I love the look and feel of Huckster.  Great picture.  So much better than so many books about advertising that are either too grandiose or too clever and come up short.  My first thought was that it looks important, like a memoir from a statesman or political leader.  And I guess that is the message of our careers.  We spent a lot of time trying to dress up an often silly business.


Jan E.