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Wonderful surprise today…I received my copy of “Huckster, My Life as an Ad Man” by Ron Elgin. I’m only a few chapters in and I love it! Someone once told me that my “total disregard for political correctness” was refreshing! Huckster…is…refreshing!


Huckster: My Life as an Ad Man
Ron Elgin
Aviva Publishing – 482 pages

I worked with Ron Elgin for 11 wonderful years, so I’ll admit my bias up front: I love the man. Always have. Always will.

I’ve known Ron since 1984, when I was an unhappy account executive at Cole & Weber. I was invited to interview for an account position at Elgin Syferd. My last interview was with Ron and Dave Syferd, and it lasted over two hours. We talked about the business and what I could bring to this relatively new agency. And we laughed. God, how we laughed. At the end of the interview, Ron turned to Dave and said “I like this asshole. Let’s hire him.”

Great move, guys. I spent six years at Elgin Syferd and left way before I should have. I returned to the agency in 2000 – now DDB Seattle – for five more years.

So, I could hardly wait to devour Ron’s book. I started it Friday night and finished it in two days. Never have I read a book so fast. And rarely have I enjoyed the ride so much.

Ron didn’t want to write an advertising textbook with Huckster. Instead, the book invites the reader on an amazing ride through 40 years in the advertising business. But through the hilarious stories, Ron leaves behind a lot of marketing wisdom – much of it I learned the first time around.

From Ron himself.

Throughout the book, I smiled at stories I already knew – and chuckled like a schoolboy at stuff I never knew about Ron, Dave and many of my coworkers. Thankfully, Ron didn’t treat readers to any of my adventures in the 1980s. Either he forgot all about them, or he was being kind. Whatever. I am eternally grateful, Ron.

Huckster is a terrific book. I’ll probably read it a second time, and I can’t remember the last time I did that.

In my book, Ron scrawled: “Thanks for being such an important part of our story.” Yeah, he probably wrote that in a lot of books, because Ron and Dave built a cool agency and hired so many great people. We did world-class work.

When Ron and Dave interviewed me, they said they started the agency because “they were tired of working with and for assholes.” I liked that. I knew I had to work at their agency.


Barbara McInnes EdmondsonJan just got his copy and we have been thumbing through it and reading parts aloud. Very entertaining and it really feels like Ron. Marc’s bleeding-nearly-to-death in a new business pitch is included. As is Jan’s ‘Bullitt’ adventure in SF. I would definitely vote for Richard Gere, not just for his great hair. He could do Ron justice.


Andrew HyettI’m sure that you wrote it with your feet on the ground and your tongue in your cheek. Simply honestly, with a bit of fun. Quite unlike the book written by another individual for whom I worked. That was a self-interested attempt to paper-over mean behaviour and its unfortunate outcomes.


this guy Ron ??? yeah, he is legit. actually he is a total bad ass.


Our new coffee table book.. Thanks Ron for seven great years in the DDB family!


Hey Ron, I just finished reading my copy of your book. It was fun to remember all of those people who I knew over those years. I really enjoyed it! I hope you get great reviews PS I liked the cover, too. PSS You proved how wonderful Bonnie is in every chapter!